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                      Property Owners' Association of Victoria Inc

Media release on Coronavirus by Property Owners' Association of Victoria.

"The Property Owners' Association has extreme sympathy for victims of the Coronavirus including self-funded retirees who have a reliance on rent to fund their daily costs & pay the many constantly increasing bills associated with a property.

The POA expresses extreme dissatisfaction that the Federal Govt is requesting owners to provide social welfare to tenants without any equivalent rights of charities to an exemption from rates and taxes, or grants to owners, for that purpose.

The Federal Government has FAILED to immediately guarantee rent relief under existing rent assistance systems that should be now available for EVERYONE not in receipt of wages or income because of Coronavirus, and paid DIRECTLY to the property owners, to ensure that money continues to circulate in the economy.

This must apply to cover business owners who have to pay rent and are shut down by government rules on corona.

The State government has not even said it will reduce Land Tax pro-rata to lost rent nor even hold up & reduce water and council charges, yet.

The Property Owners' Association calls on the Banking Industry to extend its recent offer to Residential owners and to include the exemption for interest charges during any period where tenants fail to pay the rent on account of this coronavirus flu which we trust will soon be under control."

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